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Slims River Headwaters, Icefield Range, Kluane National Park, Yukon Territory, Canada


Nothing restores the soul like a long walk in a quiet place.
The opportunity to commune with yourself and the universe you occupy
should not be taken light-heartedly.


Below you'll find photos of some of the places we've trekked:

Greenwich Dunes - PEI National Park | Yukon Territories | Kluane National Park | Landslide Lake | Cape Scott | West Coast Trail

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Greenwich Dunes - PEI National Park - September 2001

Greenwich Dunes 002.jpg (94045 bytes) Greenwich Dunes 001.jpg (44997 bytes) Greenwich Dunes 003.jpg (54464 bytes) Greenwich Dunes 004.jpg (32319 bytes) Greenwich Dunes 005.jpg (63866 bytes) Greenwich Dunes 006.jpg (69021 bytes) Greenwich Dunes 008.jpg (49082 bytes) Greenwich Dunes 009.jpg (42868 bytes) Greenwich Dunes 011.jpg (71077 bytes) Greenwich Dunes 012.jpg (37313 bytes)


Our latest trip to the Yukon Territories, Canada -  June 2001

Fox Lake - Yukon Territories.jpg (42804 bytes) Kluane Lake 01.jpg (51479 bytes) Signpost Forest - Watson Lake.jpg (84366 bytes) Kaskawulsh01.jpg (55925 bytes) Miles Canyon - Yukon Territories 2001.jpg (77336 bytes) Mother and Cub - Stewart BC 2001.jpg (83158 bytes)


Kluane National Park, Yukon Territories, Canada - June 1999

Yukon Sign.jpg (75835 bytes) Slims River.jpg (45950 bytes) Ice Field_Photo.jpg (39380 bytes) Ice Field Range Panoramic 1996.jpg (31688 bytes) Slims River East Trail.jpg (69731 bytes) Toe of the Kaskalwulsh Glacier.jpg (63740 bytes) Slims River Headwaters.jpg (48826 bytes) Grizzly - Slims River Campsite.jpg (51825 bytes) Ice Field Range Panoramic2 1996.jpg (47977 bytes)


Landslide Lake, Vancouver Island, Canada - Summer 1997

Landslide Lake 01.jpg (37933 bytes) Landslide Lake 02.jpg (63676 bytes) Climbing Along Elk River to Landslide Lake 1997.jpg (30181 bytes)


Cape Scott, Vancouver Island, Canada - June 1996

Cape Scott Sunset 1996.jpg (30420 bytes) Henry Shilo and Sebastian.jpg (64433 bytes) Lanea Shilo and Sebastian.jpg (56762 bytes) Shilo and Sebastian - Cape Scott 1996.jpg (84694 bytes) Room With a View.jpg (50370 bytes) Enjoying the View.jpg (37360 bytes) Black Bear Cape Scott 1996.jpg (52166 bytes) Shoreline Cape Scott June 1996.jpg (36660 bytes) Abandoned Tractor Cape Scott 1996.jpg (95751 bytes) Be Prepared Cape Scott Logging Roads 1996.jpg (91915 bytes) Fisherman River Bridge Cape Scott 1996.jpg (42391 bytes) Suspension Bridge Cape Scott 1996.jpg (40481 bytes) Tree Framed Beach Cape Scott 1996.jpg (65486 bytes) Walking the Beach Cape Scott 1996.jpg (50034 bytes) Wave Crash Cape Scott 1996.jpg (57863 bytes)


West Coast Trail, Vancouver Island, Canada - August 1996

West Coast Trail 02.jpg (41345 bytes) West Coast Trail 03.jpg (47282 bytes) West Coast Trail 04.jpg (41237 bytes) West Coast Trail 01.jpg (64622 bytes)




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