Original Homestead

Slims River Headwaters, Icefield Range, Kluane National Park, Yukon Territory, Canada



This page, much like our house, is "under construction". So, watch your head and come on in.

(Leave your shoes on, the place is a mess!)

Taking care of priorities... Living this far out of Charlottetown we have no cable TV access. Gotta get the satellite dish up so we can watch the rest of the Formula-1 racing season!


Photos On and Around the Property

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Dawn and Early Evening Over the Field Behind Us:

Dawn Over the Field.jpg (21965 bytes) Early Evening over the Field.jpg (24936 bytes)

Sunset from the Side Yard:

Sunset 007.jpg (62505 bytes) Sunset 006.jpg (60699 bytes)    

Views of the Property:

Mailbox.jpg (56674 bytes) Driveway 01.jpg (68552 bytes) House 02.jpg (73624 bytes) House Seen From The East.jpg (101479 bytes) Fall Leaves 003.jpg (123432 bytes)


Before we decide what to do with the old homestead, we needed to make ourselves comfortable. This would require the construction of a new building where we could temporarily store ourselves and our belongings while we considered our options on how best to proceed with the property and existing house.


Well, it finally happened. Built in 1833, the old farmhouse has seen it's last day. We have begun building our new home on PEI, and to facilitate this, the old homestead first had to be demolished. Pictures of the demolition and new house building project may be viewed by clicking here.



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